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Attack of the Clones! EL82, EL84, EL86 Soviet clones - triode mode shootout

Note: The tubes here are random picks from my treasure chest. I didn't match them to each type's standard - they may be off mark considerably. All the tubes (as well as the Mullard mother types) share the same form factor and grid-cathode structure, so their power ratings and transconductance are in the same league. Pentode curves look more or less similar, but triode specs are very different.

EL84/6BQ5, Saratov, 2000 - it is relabeled 6P14P which was a direct EL84 clone. Pentode mode Rp=30 kOhm (250V, 48mA)

6P14P (direct EL84 clone), Saratov, 1972, worn-out pull from a TV (heavily stained glass against plate windows).

6P15P-EV, Saratov, 1978 (unused). Video amplifier tube. Uprated -EV mechanical construction. Pentode mode Rp=100 kOhm (300V, 30mA)

6P18P, Saratov, 1980 (unused) - EL82 clone - Audio or TV Vertical Sweep amplifier. Pentode mode Rp=22 kOhm (180V, 53mA)


6P33P - EL86 clone - Audio power amplifier - Coming soon!

6P43P-EV Saratov, 1977 - I give up, cannot find data on this tube, heard that it is 6P18P version, although it does look differently. There's no heat-sinking 'fin' above upper mica, and the plate cross-section is flat rectangle, not round shape as in EL84 clones. And it is different:

Closeup: promising low-voltage driver? Looks suspiciously like 4P1L!

Legend: White curves: Ig<5uA Yellow: 5<Ig<20uA Red: 20<Ig<300uA. Measurements terminate at Ig>300uA

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